Cowboy Action Matches



The Coyote Valley Sharpshooters hold their monthly match

every 3rd Saturday at a private range in Morgan Hill, CA.

If you are interested in attending one of our matches, email Wif for directions.

We run our matches adhering to SASS rules with a few additions



All SASS legal handguns plus any semi-automatic pistol pre-1918

including but not limited to: 1911ís,

Lugers, Mauser Broomhandles and the like

or double action revolvers 1917 S7w, Colt, Webleys, etc.

If you use one handgun you will need moon clips,

 strippers, or extra magazines for reloads.





 Any SASS legal match rifle.





Pre 1918 bolt, lever or single shot rifle in a period correct caliber.

See the long-range page for additional models.




All SASS legal shotguns plus model 93,97, 12 Winchesters

Shotguns with tubular magazines are not stoked at the loading table,

but they can be stoked with more than two on the clock.


 SASS guidelines on bullet type and velocities apply.


For more information about

the Coyote Valley Sharpshooters

contact Wif by phone 408.448.3256

or email at





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