Coyote Valley Sharpshooters



How we ride the range

     The mission of the Coyote Valley Sharpshooters is not a mystery.   It is set out plainly in Article I of our bylaws:   “In a sociable and educational manner, to enjoy shooting and other activities based on learning about, re-creating, and/or re-enacting life on the frontiers of the world between 1836 and 1900”.


    The Coyote Valley Sharpshooters have been innovative in accomplishing this objective, boldly discarding old ideas and testing new concepts in order to achive our mission. If there is a more innovative club anywhere in the current cowboy era, we are unaware of it.


    An example of our willingness to discard old ideas and test new concepts is our separate Western Rifles Match. In virtually every other cowboy shooting club, long-range rifle shooting is a “side match”, a sparsely attended after thought usually conducted in the wee hours of the morning and/or on a day when most participants are still traveling. Under the leadership of the club Sheriff, we have replaced the “side match” with a separate and co-equal Western Rifles Match offering competition in four rifles in 11 individual events and a team shoot. Our Western Rifles Match is in its sixth year and has generated participation that often exceeds our four gun Western Action match.


    The Coyote Valley Sharpshooters have always promoted an innovative Western Action match serving as the laboratory to develop rules in the “Classic Double Action” and “Self-Loader” divisions, and we are continually “play testing” suggested improvements.   Most importantly, we have made Safety and Fun the most important items on our agenda. As long as we continue to make our activities safe and fun, we can anticipate the many of the finest shootists of the Current Cowboy Era will be proud to call themselves Coyote Valley sharpshooters.


Professor Cubby Bear, Past Pres CVS






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