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Mayor’s Message         December  2007


Well it has been an interesting year here at the Coyote Valley Sharpshooters. When I took on the job of Mayor I assumed the club just wanted another pretty face but not so. Now I have to write messages for the web site, show up to all the club events, write letters to SASS, The NRA, answer the phone, and reply to all manner of e-mails. It has been great.


We have been involved in several events out side of our monthly Cowboy match and long range match. For several years now we have been participating in a postal march with the Swadlincote Rifle and Pistol Club located in East Derbyshire England. As it turns out what we use for our standard match rifle is one of the few rifles the average shooter is allowed to own in the UK. We were invited to participate in a Second Amendment awareness day sponsored by the Golden State Second Amendment Council and we were able to pass out SASS information flyers supplied by the SASS head office.

Our objective for the future is to increase our membership and spread the news about cowboy action shooting.


Da Mayor






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